Saber Tooth Trio features the obscure melodic phrasing of Ryan Liatsis (Shwizz), the deep, soulful grooves of Dave Reiss (Bobby Deitch Band, Mr. Breakdown), and the time-bending rhythm of Rich Bozek (Rare Futures, Sam Waymon, Gavin Castleton).

The trio from Nyack, NY pushes the boundaries of modern jazz fusion through intricate composition and seamless improvisation. The band has proper reverence for the musical traditions established by the great jazz giants, but fearlessly forge ahead into strange and beautiful progressive territory. Their music is a fresh blend of jazz fusion, rock/funk muscle, and delicate aural subtleties that satisfy both casual listeners and hardcore audiophiles.

Ryan Liatsis: guitar

Dave Reiss: bass

Rich Bozek: drums

"Primitive Magic"

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